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Social Responsibility Policy

Respect of human rights, safety and compliance with the law, fair operation, green environmental protection, caring for employees and giving back to the society:

Company Commitment:

Respect for human rights and safety and compliance with the law: compliance with national and other applicable laws, other regulations signed by the company, and respect for international regulations and their interpretation; compliance with internationally recognized labor standards and other applicable industry standards and international conventions; continuous improvement of working conditions and employee welfare as required by social responsibility standards.

Fair operation: adhering to business ethics and insisting on honest operation.

Green environmental protection: adhering to a highly responsible attitude towards employees, customers and the environment, we carry out strict regulatory control of toxic and hazardous substances throughout the product formation process from raw materials to market.

Caring for employees: attaching importance to employees' professional growth and health welfare protection, creating a harmonious working environment.

Giving back to the society: adhering to the concept of "taking responsibility for the society and being a good corporate citizen", we actively participate in social welfare activities in the region where we are located to promote its development.

Enhancing the social responsibility management system: enhancing the supply chain's awareness and capability on social responsibility; working closely with suppliers to jointly strengthen the continuous improvement of supply chain social responsibility.  

Company Policy on Non-use of Conflict Minerals:

No use of conflict minerals and a responsible attitude in the procurement of raw materials

Company Commitment:

Having a deep understanding of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its surrounding countries and committing not to use suppliers that have supported armed groups if the supply chain minerals are sourced from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its surrounding countries;   

Commitment to a conflict-free supply chain, conducting due diligence on the supply chain; communicating our ethical and sustainable sourcing policies to our suppliers, employees, customers and investors, and conducting internal monitoring of the implementation of such standards.