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Special-shaped Spray Paint Speaker

Tonly Technology has rich experience and expertise in the development and design of speakers, HIFI, Soundbar and HAS wooden boxes, and provide customized solutions and personalized design for customers
The company is a high-quality supplier in the field of wood-made products, a key link in the vertical integration of acoustic products, supporting the realization of intelligent Audio competitiveness, with perseverance of the craftsman spirit, excellence in woodworking skillset, for perfect sound, and good service to mainstream customers in the acoustic industry

• Our products are widely used in family, hotel, leisure, KTV, and other circumstances

• To fulfill the process design requirement of various customer groups

• To reach the standard of OEM research and application for smart speaker products

• We continue to push the boundaries of acoustics, design and materials science with new products.  We continue to invest in R&D to explore new application areas