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The Chief of Tonly Electroacoustic Attended the Electroacoustic Chapter Meeting of China Electronic Components Industry Association

Time: 11/27/2023  View: 1648

From November 15 to 18, 2023, the second meeting of the 10th Expert Group of the Electroacoustic Chapter of the China Electronic Components Industry Association was successfully held in Changzhou, Jiangsu. This meeting is hosted by the Electroacoustic Chapter of the China Electronic Components Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the “Electroacoustic Chapter”) and organized by Changzhou Jintan Ouku Electronics Co., Ltd. More than 30 expert members from AAC Technologies Holdings Inc., Goertek Inc., Suzhou Sonavox Electronics Co., Ltd., Tonly Technology Co., Ltd. and other companies attended this meeting. The meeting includes board meetings, entrepreneur exchanges and other parts.


Zhang Jianhua, a member of the secretary group of the Electroacoustic Chapter, presided over the council meeting, while Shen Yongfei, the leader of the expert group, delivered a speech. The meeting provided a comprehensive overview of the expert group’s work outcomes over the last year, including areas such as operations, daily tasks, group standards, and future prospects. Additionally, certificates were presented to newly appointed experts.



During the entrepreneur exchange meeting, over 30 company leaders engaged in the exchange of ideas pertaining to industry growth in certain sectors. The head engineer of Tonly Electroacoustic addressed the matter of sound quality troubleshooting for specific products in relation to the existence of a standard for excellent electroacoustic. The speech he delivered was highly acclaimed and acknowledged by a number of experts in attendance.

According to the spokesperson from Tonly, the electroacoustic business consists of multiple subdivisions and is experiencing significant growth. It is imperative to enhance the advancement of groundbreaking products, promote competitiveness based on differentiation rather than cost, and intensify the fostering of technology and quality in the future. Furthermore, he emphasized that this expert meeting has enhanced industry interactions and expressed his desire for the electroacoustic industry to further enhance communication and establish mutually beneficial collaboration.