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Tonly launches the Flying Training Program (Phase I)

Time: 05/24/2013  View: 2195

 To meet business development needs, cultivate mid- and basic-level managerial personnel and establish a managerial personnel training system, the Tonly Flying Training Program (Phase I) was launched on February 28, 2013 after planning and preparation of nearly half a year.

  The launching ceremony was held on the 4th floor of the Administration Build in Huizhou at 18:30. Senior executives and 42 trainees from various centers and departments attended this ceremony presided by Zhang Nan, director of the HR department.

  Mr. Zhang first explained the purpose of launching this program, curriculums and rules for trainees.He raised several problems to be solved during the program, including how to provide the management training for newly promoted executives, how to incorporate middle management executives recruited externally and joining us through capital injection and acquisitions into our corporate culture, how to adjust our management to business transformation and technical upgrade. To solve these problems, we must propose new management training ideas and modes. Under the support of the management, the training program is set to be a great success.

  The training program includes traditional and Internet courses designed to teach training basic management skills and cross-department working methods and tips. The training process is standard and regulated. Trainees are managed by classes. Each trainee has a scoring and those who score less than a specific number will be disqualified.The training program will last between March and October. Trainees who score above the qualified scoring will receive the qualification certificate.

  Mr. Song revealed his high expectations for the training program,saying that professionals will play important roles in the rapid development of the company. Through hard work, trainees can grasp the opportunity of becoming key members in the management and to accept further training programs. He also expressed the hope that the training program can substantially elevate the management capability of basic and middle management and increase trainees’ initiative in studying and taking responsibilities and improve their response to business changes, thus helping them grow rapidly and get familiar with our businesses.

  On March 1 and 2, the trainees had the first two classes: PDP Leadership and Effective Communication and Seven Habits of Effective Employees. The class PDP Leadership and Effective Communication is taught by Wu Zhengxing, who introduced PDP into China. By studying PDP, trainees have better understanding of themselves and the society and communication with others.Seven Habits of Effective Employees is a well-known class of deputy general manager Huang Wei. By incorporating interesting and vivid explanation and games, the class defines the seven habits and explains how to improve our working efficiency.