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Good News! Tonly's Labour Union Wins the Honor of "National Model Workers' Home"

Time: 01/13/2019  View: 2181

   On December 28, 2018, good news came from the labour union of the Group. Recommended by Guangdong Federation of Trade Unions, the labour union of Tonly won the honorary title of "National Model Workers' Home"! As the highest honor for advanced collectives granted by the national trade union system, this honor represents that the company's labour union has been recognized by the state in the construction of the workers' home! 

    The company's labour union was established in 2005. Since its establishment, under the leadership of the labour union of the Group and with the support of the leaders of the company, the labour union has continuously carried out cultural and sports activities with distinctive characteristics and various forms with the aim of caring for employees and supporting production. The labour union tries to enhance the cohesive affinity and sense of belonging of employees, and strives to make the company a warm home. In recent years, centering on the development direction of "transformation and entrepreneurship", the labour union has put forward the working theme of "three combinations and three satisfactions", which means "combining transformation, knowledge workers and corporate culture to satisfy employees, customers and shareholders". Therefore, the labour union has increased its input in manpower and material resources. By improving the facilities of various activities in the workers' home and enriching innovative activities, the labour union strives to achieve the working goal of "focusing on the operating efficiency of the enterprise and caring for the physical and mental health of employees".

    At present, the workers' home has fitness centers, dance rooms, billiards rooms, table tennis rooms, employee bookstores and other activity places, which serve as indoor activity places of eight associations: associations of basketball, football, table tennis, badminton, outdoor, literature, dance and board games. The total construction area is over 1,300 square meters. Among them, the employee bookstore was rated as "Guangdong Model Workers' Bookstore". 

              Fitness Center                                     Billiards Room & Table Tennis Room 

Employee Bookstore                                       Dance Room 


   The labour union allocates fixed funds every year to support the activities of the associations. Nowadays, "Get Moving on Wednesday" has become a fixed activity for members of various associations, and a beautiful sight of employee activities. It made efforts to really make employees to be "on a way to strengthen their bodies and souls".

A glimpse of eight associations 

    In addition to the fixed activities of the associations, the labour union also organizes other large-scale activities to enrich the spare-time life of employees according to the actual situation, such as fun sports games, Christmas or New Year's variety shows, labor skills competitions, knowledge workers' development knowledge competitions. These activities not only enrich the cultural life of employees, but also improve the company's operating efficiency and realize the growth of employees and the enterprise. In 2017, the labour union innovatively organized the Mid-Autumn Festival Garden Tour Activity and the Double Ninth Festival Mountaineering Competition for workers living in the dormitory, which were warmly welcomed by them. On the basis of summing up the experience of the first garden tour activity and the mountaineering competition, the labour union will continue to hold these two activities this year. In addition, at the end of this year, CEO Yu Guanghui led the management team to participate in the first company-level tug-of-war competition organized by the labour union, and had a friendly match with the participating teams. Many employees came to watch the performance of senior officers in this competition. During the event, Mr. Yu's humorous speech and the expression of the hard working management team in the friendly match greatly enlivened the atmosphere. 

The management in a tug-of-war competition on December 27, 2018

    At this year's annual meeting of the labour union, Huang Kaili, chairman of the labour union of the Group, said, "Tonly's labour union not only have many members, but also have many activities. During the activities, employees also feel the warmth, devotion and sincerity of the labour union." He recognized the work of the company's labour union. In 2011, the company's labour union won the honor of "Advanced Collective" in the Financial Work among the Municipal Labour Unions. In 2012 and 2015, it won the honor of "Advanced Unit" of the Municipal Primary-level Labour Union Organization twice. In 2013, it won the honor of the Advanced "Workers' Home" of the Municipal Primary-level Labour Union. In 2016, it won the honor of the Advanced "Workers' Home" of the Provincial Primary-level Labour Union Organization. The honorary title of "National Model Workers' Home" will inspire the company's labour union to do better. The labour union of the company will cherish the honor, make persistent efforts, closely focus on the development goals put forward by the company, and continuously enhance the attraction and cohesion of the "Workers' Home". It will continue to create a "warm-hearted" home for employees with "devotion" and "sincerity"!