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Tonly Wins the Honor of "5A-level Garden Unit" in Huizhou City

Time: 01/21/2019  View: 2117

     In October, 2018, the company was rated as "5A-level Garden Unit" in Huizhou by Huizhou Landscape Architecture Association. On January 17, 2019, the awarding ceremony was held in the VIP conference room on the third floor of the complex building. This is another important honor won by the company after the "National Model Workers' Home"! At present, Tonly is the only enterprise in Huizhou that has obtained the honor of "5A-level Garden Unit"! 


     The company could not get such honor without careful design and continuous maintenance. At the beginning of its construction, the company incorporated the greening of the complex building, factory building and dormitory related to the daily life of employees into the planning, which was done by a design institute. After the buildings were put into use, the company specially arranged gardeners to take charge of the daily maintenance of the company's greening, so that the company's greening always presents vitality!



       At the awarding ceremony, Lv Xiongjun, president of the Municipal Landscape Architecture Association, handed the plaque to Chang Zengqin, deputy general manager of the Financial Administration Center. This honor shows that the company's landscaping work has been affirmed by the society. Taking the opportunity of obtaining the honor of "5A-level Garden Unit", the company will continue to build a green enterprise with efforts, creating a refreshing working environment for employees and contributing to social environmental protection!