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Be the Most Beautiful Readers in the Reading Season —— Huizhou Radio Sunshine 100 Live Streaming Car Entering TCL Tonly

Time: 05/21/2019  View: 2173

        As a saying goes, "good-looking people are similar, but interesting souls are unique and rare". If you want to have a different soul, reading is undoubtedly the best choice! 

        To welcome the "World Reading Day" on April 23rd, 2019, Huizhou Radio Sunshine 100 and the company jointly held the "I Am A Reader" Activity. Seventeen contestants from centers of R&D, quality, manufacturing, molding, finance, HR and others participated in the event.



On the afternoon of April 20th, 2019, despite the heavy rain, Sunshine 100 and the company's partners still gathered in No. 5 Conference Room at the second floor of the complex building as scheduled. At 14:30, after a brief welcoming ceremony, the activity officially started. 



Yi Wen, the host of the radio station, first explained the significance of reading to the people present with humorous and vivid language. She said, "Sound conveys charm and reading creates miracles". Reading is a way to quickly understand each other's outlook on life during a blind date. Reading is a way to know the different thoughts between you and children. Such examples aroused meeting participants' interests. Later, the readers of the company followed the host's instruction with great interest. They learned speech skills such as vocalization, standing posture and how to hold the microphone. 



In the following reading session of the "live streaming car", each reader boarded the "live streaming car" one by one after receiving one-on-one guidance from another radio host Min Hui. On the "live streaming car", they were reading famous articles or telling stories. The words on the paper were beautifully interpreted by their voices. It is believed that through this activity, they can feel the different charm of reading! 



In addition, during this activity, Yao Jinfeng, head of the Innovation Studio for Female Employees of the company; Yu Tianli, a municipal "gold medal worker", and; Huang Hui, an administrative/labour union representative, accepted interviews with Sunshine 100. Through radio, the company conveyed different "soft power" to the outside world. Besides, Workers' Home, fitness centers, cafes, Innovation Studio for Female Employees, etc., left a deep impression on the employees of Sunshine 100. It is believed that through the live streaming of Huiyan APP, more people from outside can see the elegant demeanor of the company's "National Model Workers' Home"! 



At 17:30, all the readers finished reading. Their works will be broadcasted on FM100/FM88.3 starting from April 23rd after being edited by the radio station. The specific broadcast time can be checked through "Huizhou Radio Sunshine 100" WeChat official account. During the broadcasting, the radio station will also hold an online voting activity. 12 readers will be selected as guests to walk into the live streaming room of the radio station and broadcast the program with the radio host!