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Tonly Electroacoustic Team Attends the 7th International Symposium on ElectroAcoustic Technologies

Time: 11/14/2019  View: 2080

Article | Hou Lina  Guo Wenying  Yang Hang 



Part I-Set Out 

On the morning of November 9, 2019, the electroacoustic team of Tonly Electronics Holdings Co., Ltd. arrived at Shenzhen Virtual University Park to attend the 7th International Symposium on ElectroAcoustic Technologies (ISEAT2019), which lasted for two days. The theme of this meeting was "The 3rd Wave of Sound". 



ISEAT is an international platform for electroacoustic technology exchange and cooperation founded by Shen Yong, a professor at Nanjing University, in 2007. It is held in Shenzhen every two years. Now, ISEAT has become the world's top technical meeting in the electroacoustic field. 


About 30 top experts and scholars at home and abroad attended the meeting, including Mr. David J. Murphy, AES past governor, expert in electroacoustic modeling and acoustic horns; Professor Wolfgang Klippel, professor of Dresden University of Technology; Xiang Ning, director of the Department of Architectural Sound and tenured professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and the first Chinese scientist to win the Sabine Medal, etc. In addition to technical experts, the ISEAT of this session also attracted many well-known enterprises including Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, Microsoft, Amazon, Harman, Bose, AAC Technologies, Xiaomi, Netease, OPPO, VIVO, Foxconn, Goertek, TCL, GGEC and COMSOL. Many experts and scholars gathered there, which provided everyone with a valuable opportunity to communicate and learn. 




Part II-Excellent Reports 


At 10:30 am on November 9th, the first report was made by David J. Murphy, a famous Australian electroacoustic scholar, whose topic was "Electro-mechanical-acoustic Lumped Parameter Modeling Method". David J. Murphy has rich experience in electroacoustic modeling and he is a top international expert in this field. This report can be considered an outstanding required course for electroacoustic engineers, which has great enlightening significance for enterprises in the design concept of electroacoustic products. 




At 13:30 pm, Wolfgang Klippel, winner of the AES Silver Medal, gave a wonderful speech on the optimal use of software and hardware resources in the design of active loudspeakers. He introduced the related new technologies and progress of the Klippel test system. 



 On the morning of November 10th, acoustic system expert Mark Trainer delivered his speech entitled "Simulation of Nonlinear Loudspeaker Based on SPICE". He compared the difference between test results of linear simulation and nonlinear simulation. His idea and simulation method have important guiding significance for optimizing loudspeakers. 



Meanwhile, in No.3 Report Hall, a leader from Tonly Electroacoustic R&D Institute shared his research report entitled "Ultra-thin Loudspeaker Coaxial with Diaphragm", and had a warm exchange and discussion with everyone. 



There were many excellent reports. We made notes for digestion later. 


Part III-Closing of the Meeting 


On the afternoon of November 10th, Professor Shen Yong, president of the meeting, announced the successful conclusion of the 7th ISEAT in 2019. At the meeting, famous experts from all over the world announced their academic achievements and shared industry trends, which was a splendid exchange for us. During these two days, every member of the electroacoustic team listened carefully to new technologies, new materials and industry developments. After the meeting, we will share opinions and make discussion within the team, so as to promote our advancement, which is one of the original intentions of attending this meeting. Everyone hopes to have more opportunities to attend such a high-end, informative, academic and practical event in China.