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Keep Moving Forward and Expand New Directions | A Automobile Project Set Up in the Electroacoustic Business Center

Time: 09/17/2021  View: 2244

With the continuous penetration of autopilot system, infotainment and network connection system components into vehicle models, the proportion of electronic cost to the total cost of the entire vehicle has increased. In terms of models, new energy vehicles use more electronic components than traditional fuel vehicles, and luxury vehicles use more electronic components than low-end vehicles. According to the statistics of Gasgoo Automobile, the electronic costs of compact models, medium and high-end models, hybrid models and pure electric models account for 15%, 28%, 47% and 65% respectively in the total cost of the entire vehicle. Under the development trend of intelligence, networking and integration, automotive electronics will achieve unstoppable development. -- Data source: "In-depth Report" Automotive Electronics: The Next Apple Industry Chain" from Mantianxin WeChat official account. 


Audio equipment is only an auxiliary equipment for vehicles, it has no influence on the running performance of vehicles. However, as people have an increasing demand for enjoyment, automobile manufacturers pay more attention to the audio equipment of vehicles, and regard it as one of the indicators for evaluating the comfort of vehicles. The automobile loudspeaker is one of the automotive electronic products. People now require that a loudspeaker should not only be a "sound-making" machine, but also have good sound quality. It should bring acoustic enjoyment, and rich and clear sound. These requirements symbolize that people have started to enjoy themselves on better quality products.  


The electroacoustic business center no longer only focuses on the production of consumer electronics. It keeps up with the pace of the times and sounds the horn of the advancement of automotive products. On February 19, 2021, we formally established the automotive electronics project team. The establishment of this project group not only has determined the future development direction of the electroacoustic business center, but also symbolizes a milestone of the electroacoustic business center entering the new century. 


A review on the timeline: 


At the beginning of the establishment of the team, everyone attended various trainings (Budget Training on March 4th-Banchmark Training on March 4th-IATF System Training on March 19th-SGS Automotive Parts Training Seminar on March 26th...), and conducted preparation work (early-stage quotation, interpretation of relevant data, feasibility analysis of each stage...) 





On April 26th and April 27th, team members completed the customer's system review. 

This review determined whether our project would continue or not. In fact, as early as 2020, before the establishment of the automobile loudspeaker project team, we experienced two system reviews by the customer. This review, which was conducted after the establishment of the team, was decisive. 



On May 21st, after we received the customer's work assignments, the project began to get on the right track. 

Keeping learning and innovation and becoming a more outstanding and responsible organization are the working aims of the electroacoustic business center. In this race with the development of the times, the electroacoustic business center will create more possibilities in the future and draw a blueprint for the automotive electronics industry with the times.