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Guangxi Tonly Phase II Project Successfully Unveiled

Time: 11/03/2021  View: 2259

At 8 o'clock in the morning on November 3, 2021, the second phase project of Guangxi Tonly Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully unveiled. People who attended the plaque unveiling ceremony included the deputy director and the researcher of Beihai Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, the general manager of Administrative Center and the director of Administration Department of Tonly, the directors and more than 1,000 employees of Manufacturing Department of Beihai Tonly. The ceremony was hosted by the deputy director of Manufacturing Department. 


Amid the sound of a jubilant gun salute, Xiong Fan announced the official start of the plaque unveiling ceremony. 


First of all, the director of Administration Department introduced in detail the basic situation of Guangxi Tonly Phase II Project at the current stage. Guangxi Tonly Phase II Project has been successfully put into operation, with more than 1,000 new employees. Guangxi Tonly has achieved steady growth in output value, continuing to contribute to the economic and social development of Beihai.


The researcher delivered a speech on behalf of the management committee and expressed warm congratulations on the opening of Guangxi Tonly Phase II Project. He hoped that Guangxi Tonly would make persistent efforts, play the benchmark and exemplary role as a leading electronic information enterprise, and achieve new success in the fourth quarter of 2021. 


Then the general manager of Administrative Center delivered a speech. He emphasized that Guangxi Tonly will focus on the development and production of intelligent audio products according to the established development concept of the Group. Based on the concept of "market-oriented, customer first", Guangxi Tonly will repay the society with achievements, win the market with quality, and obtain customers with sincerity. We will make full use of the technological advantages, capital advantages, management advantages and good social reputation endowed by the group company to continue to become bigger and stronger. We will strive to build Guangxi Tonly into the world's leading and most competitive industrial base of intelligent audio products in the next three to five years. 


Finally, the general manager of Administrative Center also said that the development and growth of the enterprise would be impossible without the efforts of every employee of the enterprise and the care and support of government leaders at all levels. He once again sincerely thanked everyone. 




At last, witnessed by all the guests, leaders, employees and friends, the two leaders jointly unveiled the plaque of Guangxi Tonly Phase II Project and announced that Guangxi Tonly Phase II Project was successfully completed and put into operation.