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Tonly's Electroacoustic Team Attends the 2021 "Acoustic Block"

Time: 12/11/2021  View: 2248

On December 11th-12th, the 2021 China International Audio Technology Discussion Forum (Shenzhen) & 16th Symposium of Acoustic Block was grandly held in Shenzhen. Among Tonly's acoustics team, more than 20 colleagues from Electroacoustic Business Center and R&D Center participated in the meeting. 


The "Acoustic Block" was founded in Shenzhen. Since 2005, it has held its annual meeting for 16 sessions so far. At present, it has over 50,000 registered members all over the country and has certain influence in the world. This meeting was under the guidance of China Audio Industry Association and The Acoustical Society of China, sponsored by Shenzhen Audio Industry Association and Acoustic Block Forum, and undertaken by Zhilian Audio Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. The Audio Technology Discussion Forum set up a cross-industry communication platform for industry research institutions, acoustic-related upstream and downstream enterprises and electronic audio enterprises. More than 80 top industry experts and more than 50 listed companies related to intelligent audio at home and abroad were invited to attend the meeting, which attracted more than 200 enterprises related to the industrial chain and more than 10,000 professional visitors. 


At the China International Audio Technology Discussion Forum (Shenzhen) & 16th Symposium of Acoustic Block, the first section of the opening ceremony was the award ceremony. Tonly Technology Co., Ltd. won the "2021 Audio Industry Technology Innovation Award". 


On the first day, Mr. Chen Lixin, Honorary Secretary General of China Audio Industry Association, was invited to give an important report on the development of China's electronic audio industry in 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Chen's article "Challenges and Opportunities-Development of China's Electronic Audio Industry in 2021" was reported by Liu Xiaotong, President of Shenzhen Electronic Audio Association, on his behalf. This report makes a detailed analysis of the industry development, internal and external environment, product structure, advantages and problems in 2021 from nine aspects: headphones, intelligent speakers, intelligent wearable devices, professional audio, car audio, auxiliary listening equipment, testing equipment, intellectual property rights and standardization, and predicts the industry trend. 


The main forum of the meeting included 28 invited lectures, covering many frontiers of acoustic research and application. In addition to the main forum, there were also two sub-forums, namely, the Crossover and Integration of Hearing Assistive Device and the Audio Cutting-edge Technology Forum of Acoustic Block. Meanwhile, many enterprises set up their booths on site, displaying their latest technical solutions, measuring instruments, various automation equipment and electroacoustic products, and providing consulting services. 

The Vice President of Electroacoustic Business Center gave a special report entitled "Evolution of Audio Product Technology". Starting from the changes of audio products in recent years, this report explained the corresponding technical evolution of speaker units, predicted the potential new technologies that may be applied in the next few years, and analyzed their features and technical challenges. 


Meanwhile, the system electroacoustic engineer made a report entitled "Earphone Acoustic Simulation Practice", which shared the technical methods and experiences in earphone acoustic simulation. 


Although the meeting lasted only 2 days, the wonderful speeches and reports attracted countless industry elites. All seats were occupied in every lecture. For Tonly, this meeting was a valuable opportunity to learn and communicate about new technologies. Only by persistently carrying out technological innovation can enterprises launch more competitive and influential products.