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Pay Tribute to Model Workers! Tang Zhiwei, QE Engineer of Manufacturing Center, Won the "May Day Labor Medal" of Guangdong Province!

Time: 04/28/2022  View: 2492

On the morning of April 28th, the Celebration Meeting of the "May Day" International Labor Day & the Commendation Meeting for Model Workers of Guangdong Province was held smoothly. At this commendation meeting, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government extended festive greetings to the masses of working people who were working in all walks of life and on all fronts in the province, and extended warm congratulations and lofty respects to the units and individuals who won the national and provincial "May Day" labor awards, medals and the title of "pioneer of workers". 



During the meeting, the commendation section pushed the atmosphere to the climax. Tang Zhiwei, QE engineer of the 5th Division of Manufacturing Department of Tonly Technology Manufacturing Center, won the "May Day Labor Medal of Guangdong Province". 

It has been 12 years since Tang Zhiwei joined Tonly in 2010. During these 12 years, he was appraised as "Excellent Technician" in Zhongkai High-tech Zone and "Gold Worker" in Huizhou City. He set up Huizhou Model Worker Innovation Studio in the company, promoting the spirit of model workers, labor and craftsmen, and giving full play to his role as a driving force. 


As a key member and team leader of the improvement project team, Tang Zhiwei was responsible for the organization, relocation, planning and construction, and equipment debugging of the SMT workshop, thus ensuring the rapid production of newly introduced production lines. In the SMT workshop, under his leadership, 6 automatic surface mount production lines were expanded into 30 advanced surface mount production lines at home and abroad. He also trained more than 20 surface mount equipment technicians. 

The team led by Tang Zhiwei carried out dozens of technical research and production improvement projects, which promoted the company's technological innovation and upgrading. In the projects of product transformation and upgrading and continuous lean production, his team improved the production efficiency and product yield, reduced energy consumption and cost, and enhanced the competitiveness of the company in the industry.  


Fulfill the dream with hard work and pursue the future with painstaking efforts. As employees of the company, we should learn from the model workers, develop this fine tradition, do excellent work in ordinary posts, and make the greatest contribution to the company.