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Forging ahead with the Mission, Discussing the Original Intention on the Political Birthday

Time: 07/05/2022  View: 1395

In order to further strengthen the awareness of identity and responsibility of party members and remember the original intention and mission upon joining the party, at 16:00 on July 1, 2022, the General Branch of Tonly Technology Co., Ltd. held a political birthday themed activity of "Staying True to the Original Intention, Keeping in Mind the Mission", and more than 60 party members from 5 party branches witnessed this ritualistic party organization activity.

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The 7th Party Congress Spiritual Study of TCL Technology Group

At the beginning of the meeting, Li Jiang, Secretary of the General Branch of the CPC Tonly Technology Co., Ltd, led all the party members to study the spirit of the work report Upper Slope Cheer, Daring to Fight and Win, Striving to Achieve TCL's Global Leadership from four aspects: comprehensive serving the Group's global leadership strategy, deep integrating the pragmatic and effective operation of the enterprise, planning the party building work to the next level, and grasping the construction of the party style and integrity from a strict and practical perspective.

He also stressed that every member of our party should be based on the current work position, do every job in a down-to-earth way, continuously improve their own ability and level, to make their own contribution to the development of the company, and greet the victory of the 20th Party Congress with practical results.

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2022 Outstanding Grassroots Party Organization and Outstanding Party Member Recognition

For further establishing the typical and promoting the advanced, based on the candidates' 2021 annual performance and the participation of party members' activities, a comprehensive score was calculated, and the following 1 grass-roots party organization, 1 outstanding party worker and 8 outstanding party members of the Group were finally selected after the recommendation of the secretaries of each branch and the study of the Party General Committee:

In the Group's July 1 evaluation, the Fifth Party Branch of Tonly was awarded "Advanced Grassroots Party Organization" and Wang Hao was awarded "Outstanding Party Worker";

Outstanding party members of TCL Group: Deng Qiufeng, Dong Shirui, Huang Jianxia, Liu Lixun, Yang Wenjing, Yuan Lin, Zhang Jun, Zhang Shuo

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Issuing Political Birthday Cards and Recalling the Oath of Admission to the Party

In the activity, party comrades whose "political birthday" was in the first half of the year were presented with greeting cards and blessings, so that they could feel the care and warmth from the party organization and be inspired to devote themselves to their daily work with stronger faith and higher morale.

Then came the session of recalling the oath of admission to the Party. Facing the bright red party flag, all party members raised their right fist and solemnly swore. The powerful and magnificent oath strongly shocked every party member present, with every word, sacred and heroic, which is an incentive and more of a spur.

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Reviewing the Original Intention, Telling the Story with the Party

Adhering to the original intention is a journey without a "terminal", and practicing the Party's purpose is always on the way. In the session of "Recalling the Original Intention, Telling the Story with the Party", comrades such as Yang Wenjing shared their stories of joining the Party and their journey as party members' representatives, sharing their ideological changes and true feelings before and after joining the Party with real emotions, simple language and vivid examples, expressing their infinite loyalty and gratitude to the Party.

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At the end of the activity, all party members were organized to cut the birthday cake and make good wishes together. Everyone has expressed that the collective "political birthday" activities of party members are far-reaching and effective, not only to purify the mind and improve the party spirit, but also to feel the earnest expectations from the party organization, so that in the future work life, they would always bear in mind the original intention and mission, trying to grow up in the ideological refinement, mature in the political training, and become more powerful in practice, charging and dedicating themselves and bearing the responsibility as communists.

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