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Tonly Technology Active Project Kick-off Meeting Held Successfully

Time: 11/11/2022  View: 1295

In order to better support the development of the business, Tonly Technology held an Active project kick-off meeting on the afternoon of Nov. 4. The leaders attending the kick-off meeting included the company's COO, CIO, Yin Junwei, the Shenzhen regional head of ECCOM Shanghai, and Feng Yifei, the head of the Huawei Huizhou region, as well as all members of the Tonly project team, project business-related parties, and members of the vendor and implementer project teams.

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At the beginning of this meeting, the Project Manager of active project, Zhang Aicheng, introduced the project background, objectives and scope of this project. The rapid development of the company's business requires more and more security and flexibility of the company's network, which makes the problems and limitations of the existing traditional network architecture become increasingly prominent, unable to support the company's business development, requiring an urgent upgrade to a flexible network architecture. For this reason, the company decided to transform the existing network with active fabric. The whole active project is divided into two phases: Phase I to build the platform and transform the network of Building D, and Phase II to transform and build Buildings A/B/C, etc., and this is Phase I content.

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(Tonly Project Manager Zhang Aicheng)

According to the meeting agenda, Mr. Wang Chenyu, Implementation Manager of ECCOM, introduced the overall project plan and milestone points, project management plan, project delivery documents and other matters. Mr. Yin Junwei expressed the concern for Tonly project and the confidence and determination to ensure the smooth delivery and acceptance of Tonly project.

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(ECCOM Implementation Manager Wang Chenyu)

Mr. Feng Yifei said that in the general environment of the age, all industries have substantially increased their attention to information security, and Huawei, with a lot of accumulated technical experience in this area, has coordinated relevant experts in multiple locations for the active project and is fully prepared for the successful delivery of the project. Huawei will work with ECCOM to fully support the delivery of the project, hoping that the Tonly active project will become a benchmark.Tonly CIO emphasized the importance of the active fabric project for Tonly, and pointed out that this project was implemented in accordance with the national information security requirements. The project is somewhat challenging because it involves the renovation of the old network, the planning of Tonly's entire network has to be completed within the delivery period, and production cannot be affected during the delivery process.He also stressed the importance of transparency of information from all parties during project implementation and immediate reporting of problems in order to ensure quality and quantity completion.Tonly COO made a concluding speech, pointing out that the origin of the active project is that many shortcomings were found in the combination of business and information security operation in the early stage, so IBM was invited to intervene in the subject of network rectification last year, from which they learned the excellent experience of the industry. In the past, their customers and products were relatively traditional and single, but nowadays, customers have put forward new demands on them, and higher requirements for information security.The current network architecture is no longer suitable for the development of the current business, so at present, infrastructure renovation will be carried out first, which is expected to be completed in the first quarter of next year; later on, the application system renovation will be continuously promoted for the needs of customers in different businesses; in the future, comprehensive consideration will be given to the construction of new plants, integrated planning and advance layout to ensure smooth business operations.

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(COO of Tonly Technology)

Finally, the participants took a group photo and the meeting was successfully concluded.

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(Group photo of the project kick-off meeting)