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Sharpening for the Battle -

Time: 11/23/2022  View: 1846

On the evening of November 18, the opening ceremony of "Warhawk" Project - Tonly Technology Business Line Managers Special Training was successfully held in Chenjiang amidst the sound of exhilarating music. In order to enhance the business management awareness and ability of business line managers and improve the business efficiency of the company, Tonly Technology launched the "Warhawk" Project with the support of the Organization Department of the Group to provide special training for business line managers. After the selection process, 46 managers from various business lines were selected to join the "Warhawk" team and will start a challenging training journey.

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The guests who attended this opening ceremony were SVP, VP and leaders from Innovation Operation Center, Quality Center and HR Center of the company. The opening ceremony was hosted by Gan Minli and Sun Haitao.

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(Presenters appearance)

A week before the official opening of the Warhawk project, the Project Team had already organized a warm-up activity - a 9-hour mountain climbing challenge on Mount Danan in Huidong. The steep peaks and rugged mountain roads could not stop the Warhawk students from breaking through themselves. They cooperated with each other, resilient and courageous, and finally the "Warriors Team" won the "Best Team Award", in which member Zhang Wei won the title of "Best Pioneer Student" for "leading the team ahead".

The Project Team prepared smart skipping ropes, smart body fat scales and sneakers for the winners, hoping that they would stay healthy while working.




(Guests Presenting Awards to the Winners)

Then, Mr. Zhang Qiang, leader of the Warhawk project, introduced the project, saying that the Warhawk project was born by combining the development background and current situation of the company and listening to the demands of various parties, with the theme of "Customer First, Challenge Limits, Focused Management, Organizational Change" and introducing internal and external training resources, aiming at helping participants to develop awareness and improve management ability.

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(Project Leader Introducing Warhawk Project)

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(Participants Listening Intently)

An excellent class cannot be achieved without an excellent class committee team, which is formed by the monitor recommended by the head teacher.

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(Class committee appearance)

Liu Yaha from the Wooden Case Business Center spoke at the opening ceremony as a representative of the "Warhawk" trainees, saying, "I am very honored to join the Warhawk team, and this is the first time the company plans and implements special training for business line managers, which is a very rare opportunity. In this precious learning time, we should cherish the opportunity, attending every lesson well, to become qualified managers who know 'business' as soon as possible."

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(Statement by representative of participants)

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(Warhawk participant commitment)

After that was the solemn flag ceremony. The Warhawk flag was not only passed from the hands of the Warhawk class executive vice president, but also the spiritual core of Warhawk, "sharpening for the battle", which holds the company's unlimited expectation for Warhawk.

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(Flag presentation ceremony)

Under the supervision of the guests present at the scene, the Warhawk class leader raised his right fist and led all participants to make a solemn oath: "I will apply theories to practice, comprehensively improving operational management awareness and capabilities, efficiently solving business problems, and enhancing the operational management capabilities of business lines. Organize change, focus on operation; challenge the limits, customer first! We are Tonly Warhawk!" The majestic and loud oath remained for a long time.

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(Participants take a solemn oath)

The solemn oath represents Warhawk's confidence in the pursuit of excellence, and the pursuit of excellence cannot be separated from the accumulation of knowledge. For this reason, the Project Team has specially selected classic books for the participants - Evergreen in the Foundation and Leadership Echelon. Learning has no end, may Warhawk always keep the enthusiasm on the way of learning and growth, and never forget the original intention!

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(Guest book presentation)

After that, the guests sent their deepest wishes to the Warhawk participants, hoping that they would have high aspirations, applying their learning and growing together with the company through the Warhawk project.

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(Messages from guests)

Finally, the opening ceremony was successfully concluded after a group photo.

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With full of blessings, Warhawk training has officially departed! The first class of the training was taught by the SVP&CMO of the company, "Managing Things and People in Key Account Business", which is a course with many years of valuable management experience and experience by the lecturers. The lecturers used a witty style to analyze the people and things that Warhawk would encounter in the actual work process, making the words far-reaching and thought-provoking, and Warhawk expressed that they benefited a lot.

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After the first class of the opening session is the grand opening of the training series. We expect all Warhawk participants to keep refining themselves in their work and study, and always be ready to fight and win!

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