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Wooden Case Business Center Officially Starts Digital Transformation

Time: 12/28/2022  View: 2129

With the development of the age and the advent of the big data era, information technology is no longer adaptable to the speed of market development. For an enterprise, digital transformation has the following significance for its development: digitalization requires faster response, which inevitably leads to efficiency improvement. Digitalization has driven disruptive changes in business operation models and innovation and reshaping of business models, causing more and more traditional industries to move from offline to online. Based on the new generation of digital technology, digital transformation takes connectivity as the foundation, data as the key element, value release as the goal, and data empowerment as the main line, to bring an all-round new look to enterprises.

As early as 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission released the "Digital Transformation Partnership Initiative" on its official website, proposing that the government and all sectors of society should join together to build a joint promotion mechanism of "government guidance - platform empowerment - leading leadership - institutional support - diversified services" to drive the digital transformation of small, medium and micro enterprises, implementing "cloud with digital intelligence" services on a wider and deeper scale, improving the supply capacity of transformation services, accelerating the creation of digital enterprises, building digital industry chains, fostering digital ecology, and forming a digital ecological community of "digital leadership, hand-in-hand innovation, and win-win benefits".To support high-quality economic development, it is essential for digital transformation, which is a high-level transformation based on digital transformation and digital upgrade, and further touches the core business of the company, aiming at a new business model.

In this context, the company management also realized the importance of digital transformation for the survival and development of the company. The COO of the company indicates that the Wooden Case Business Center will be the first pilot site for digital transformation to vigorously initiate the digital transformation efforts. In the "100-days clean-up" improvement activities in places involving powder and explosives, the Wooden Case Business Center took the opportunity to improve the explosion-related, taking "safety and fire digitalization" as the focus of construction, and successfully completed the construction of the display layer. Also, in order to better carry out the digital transformation work and popularize the knowledge of digital transformation, the Wooden Case Business Center specially invited IT professionals from the Information Management Department to provide training to everyone.

Instead of just IT transformation, digital transformation is an all-round transformation of the organization, business, marketing, marketing, human resources, product development, supply chain, manufacturing, finance and other elements of the enterprise.


(Digital Transformation Foundation Training on August 27)

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(Digital weekly meeting site)

The completion of the construction of the first phase of the "Safety and Fire Integration Digital Platform" is only the starting point of Tonly's digital transformation, and a series of projects such as the introduction of digital production kanban and the introduction of digital piecework are also being planned. Meanwhile, through going out to external visits, we also learned more digital-related application scenarios and cases. On September 29, led by COO, 18 colleagues related to digital transformation went to Getech to visit and learn digital business. As an independent technology company incubated by TCL, Getech's industrial application intelligence platform empowers production engineers within enterprises, helping them to achieve low-code or even no-code development, making logic models and industrial applications in various production scenarios, realizing the softwareization and reuse of industrial knowledge and experience, and provide scenario-based intelligent manufacturing solutions to help manufacturing industries realize digitalization and intelligent upgrading. 


On a national level, Industry 4.0 is already a national strategy, where traditional industry boundaries will disappear and a variety of new areas of activity and forms of cooperation will emerge. The process of creating new value is changing, the division of labor in the industrial chain will be reorganized, making it imperative to establish a highly flexible production model for personalized and digitalized products and services. Therefore, the digital transformation is an inevitable step for enterprises. The degree of digitalization of the Wooden Case Business Center is still very low, and the continuous investment and promotion will be a long and difficult process, but this is no deterrence to our perseverance and persistence. In this battlefield without smoke, the only way to survive is to move forward.

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