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Demonstrating Women's Elegance, Writing the Beautiful Poem of the Age

Time: 03/09/2023  View: 2155

In order to recognize the advanced and set examples, further guiding and inspiring the majority of women to firmly listen to the Party, following the Party into the new journey, proudly and vigorously engaged in the great practice of promoting Chinese modernization, the All-China Women's Federation recently decided to award 10 people the title of "National Pioneer Woman Flag Bearer", 298 people the title of "National Woman Flag Bearer", and 199 units the title of "National Woman Flag Bearer Collective", among which the Female Workers' Innovation Studio of Tonly Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "National Woman Flag Bearer Collective".

Today, let's get to know this woman's power that has warmed the time and amazed the years!

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(Core member representatives)

With Yao Jinfeng as the leader of the team, Women Workers Innovation Studio of Tonly Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 under the guidance and support of Huizhou Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, TCL Group Labor Committee and Tonly Technology Labor Union, aiming to build a platform for women workers to show their talents, promote the innovation and development of women workers, play the role of women workers, and promote their contribution to the technological progress and skill training of enterprises. With the support and care of the company's leadership, the studio focuses on key project development, technological innovation and talent training.

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In the past 6 years, the studio members have undertaken more than 20 key projects of the company, all of which have been completed and mass-produced, involving a turnover of more than 3 billion yuan, of which 12 have won the "Excellent Project Award" of the company and 2 have won the "Innovation Growth Award" of TCL Group. In terms of technological innovation, the studio team has been granted a total of 324 national utility model patents and 35 invention patents. The studio also continues to innovate in talent training, training more than 160 college students, so that they can successfully complete the transformation from students to professionals; in the two sessions of R&D Eagle Project special training, a total of 84 trainees were trained, so that they can successfully achieve the transformation from I-type talents to T-type talents, of which 15 trainees in the first session were promoted to management cadre positions. In addition, the team also created five English training courses, the purpose of which is to accumulate a certain English foundation for the staff's English level, in order to adapt to the needs of the company's European and American department business development. The work of the studio has achieved good results in the main areas, and has also been recognized and commended by the provincial and municipal authorities. In the field of science and technology research and development, which is dominated by men, it has set a model of scientific research for women in the new era with practical results.

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October 2018: "Yao Jinfeng Model Worker and Craftsman Talent Innovation Studio" awarded by Huizhou Municipal Federation of Trade Unions

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March 2019: "Guangdong Women's Flag Bearer Collective" awarded by Guangdong Women's Federation

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December 2020: "Guangdong Model Worker and Craftsman Innovation Studio" awarded by Guangdong Federation of Trade Unions

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August 2021: "Model Workers and Craftsmen Talent Innovation Studio Alliance Member Unit in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area" awarded by Guangdong Federation of Trade Unions

The provincial and municipal governments clearly put forward the strategy of "manufacturing industry in charge and high-quality development" in the key work deployment in 2023. As a dynamic, continuous learning, and hard-working team in the manufacturing industry, Women Workers Innovation Studio of Tonly Technology Co., Ltd. is willing to integrate its development into the overall situation of provincial and municipal development, constantly learning new knowledge, stimulating new thinking, and improving new abilities. The team fully mobilizes the enthusiasm of female workers, showing their skills based on their own duties, selflessly dedicating their talents, continuing to innovate and create efficiency, blossoming female style, and contributing to the high-quality development of beautiful Huizhou.