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Audio @Future Tonly Technology Co., Ltd. Participated in the 2024 Global Audio Summit

Time: 03/29/2024  View: 592


(Information from Internet) The 2024 Global Audio Summit (GAS), organized by the China Audio Industry Association, was held at the Shanghai Zhangjiang Science Hall on March 27-28. The conference, themed “Audio @Future”, featured two main forums and nine sub-forums, discussing a wide range of topics including smart headphones and wearables, 3D audio, electro-acoustic components, and chips.

The summit welcomed over 90 esteemed speakers and assembled nearly 600 industry leaders and experts from both domestic and international electronics sectors. Together, they delved into the emerging trends in audio development and dialogued about new opportunities for the industry’s future. The Deputy Chair of the China Audio Industry Association and the CEO of Tonly, along with other dignitaries and guests, graced the event and were seated in the front row.


A significant highlight of the summit was the grand unveiling of the “2024 China Audio Industry Development Report” (White Paper). This report, with its focus on nine key areas including the general report, headphones, car audio, professional audio, smart speakers, and Bluetooth audio, offered an in-depth analysis of market size, current state of the industry chain, and future trends. This serves as a valuable guide and source of inspiration for the electronics industry’s future development.



Led by the COO of Tonly, key members of the team including the Director of the Board of Directors Office, the Chief Engineer of the AV R&D Center, and the Product Manager of the AV Product Center, attended the summit. Their aim was to engage in substantive dialogue and learning with industry peers and potential partners, as well as to explore future product development trends with solution providers.